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Busselton WA

Mono was envisioned as a store where good coffee, creative crafts and a community atmosphere could be merged. The owners found a perfect disused space that had the potential to be transformed into a store with a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that includes a coffee bar and outdoor seating, a shop, and a workroom. Mono is located in a laneway just off busy Queen Street in Busselton, a thriving coastal town in the South-west of Western Australia.

The design of the store meets all of the owners’ aspirations and makes the most of the space available, while optimising the natural light from the walled garden courtyard. The store layout centres around the main feature of the fit-out - the linear coffee bar - constructed from timber pallets that have been painted black. Costs were kept low through the use of readily available materials and simple construction techniques, allowing the owners to do most of the work themselves.

The material palette is restrained to compliment the stores overall branding and includes white walls, polished concrete floors, plywood shelving and benches. Although these materials are simple in their own rights, their use and juxtaposition at Mono makes a striking and dramatic statement.

Text - Rachel Pages-Oliver

Photography - Pieter Naessens